Improve your lifestyle for a healthy brain,
let the neuroscientists handle the planning.

The Synaptitude Brain Health Fitness Program has been developed by a respected team of Canadian Neuroscientists working with a group of AI and machine learning experts. It incorporates the latest scientific research on healthy brain aging and maintenance to keep up with an active life.  Start you conversation with a Synaptitude Brain Health Scientist with the form below.

Reduce your risk for age-related cognitive decline

For healthy individuals, age-related cognitive decline can begin nearly 20 years before clinical symptoms arise.  Fortunately, early intervention has been shown to decrease the risk of cognitive decline in at-risk older adults. 

With the Synaptitude Brain Fitness Program, jump-start your journey towards better brain aging.

Discover where you stand


With the Synaptitude Assessment Centre, you can find out how your lifestyle behaviors could be contributing to your risk for age-related cognitive decline.

Build sustainable lifestyle habits for good brain health

Build healthy habits & learn exactly how you can improve in cognitive fitness, sleep, diet, exercise & stress management.

Benefit from the latest in brain-lifestyle research

Your program is made personal to your goals while leveraging the broad base of research from Synaptitude brain scientists.

Ready to jumpstart your brain health journey with a Brain Fitness Plan?

Here's what you can expect from a Synaptitude plan that's easy to follow, personalized to your lifestyle, & developed with smarts from our team of neuroscientists:

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Build Brain Health Literacy

Take Care of Your Brain With Confidence

Sorting through all the health advice out there can be a headache. Get an evidence-based plan you trust, and let the neuroscientists handle the planning, so you can focus on building healthy habits for better brain aging.

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Maintain Healthy Habits with Guided Activities

Follow a Personalized Roadmap

Start working on improving your brain health today with a brain health fitness plan that uses goal setting and guides you through healthy activities for Cognition, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition and Exercise.

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Monitor your Concentration, Memory & more.

Maintain the Lifestyle You Love

We'll keep track of your progress, so you that you can stay sharp and focus on doing the things you love, with the people you care about most.

Prepare your brain today for the demands of tomorrow. Get started today with Synaptitude